A credit is the currency system we use. A credit is worth a minute of call time or one SMS message.

Nothing, all you need is a phone, Google Voice or skype!

Now you must call our 1800 toll free number, via your phone, Skype or Google voice! Then enter our 5 digit pin number, and your call will start ringing!

Due to inbound costs we remove 1 credit per call. The rest of the credits are based on your calling minutes!

Yes, this works on EVERY phone! Also on any device!

Callspoofer lets you send anonymous text messages. When you log in to your account, click the SMS Spoofer tab. Choose the number you want to send the message from and enter the number you want to send a text message to.

Yes, you can change your caller ID to anything! It can't be text, but you could make your caller ID "123" or "123-4567"! We do not allow you to mimic government agencies.

No, the person will only see the caller ID! However, we do keep logs for legal purposes which are purged on regular basis

We require 3 confirmations from the BTC/ETH network to prevent fraud. You should have your credits as soon as the payment is confirmed, normally within 15-45 minutes.

About CallSpoofer

CallSpoofer started in late 2016 and ever since has became the #1 Caller ID spoofer on the market! View More